Near Tokyo Onsen Ryokan in Izu Amagiso

Whether you are a long-term fan of onsen (hot-spring) baths or wish to experience one for the first time, Amagiso is the perfect place to enjoy this traditional and much-loved custom. There are a total of 28 onsen, with 9 mixed-bathing onsen that can be enjoyed in swimsuits. We also have 2 Private baths which you can use by yourself or with your partner or family.

Amagiso is located in the Izu Kawazu region, which is surrounded by sea, rivers and mountains; a rare sight in the area surrounding Tokyo, and a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty of Japan.

"Kawazu Zakura", the first-blooming cherry blossoms in the Honshu area, will start blooming from the beginning of February and take about a month to fully bloom. At this point, the town will be filled with the beautiful pink hues of the cherry blossoms. The area was also the setting for a scene from "Izu no Odoriko" written by Kawabata Yasunari, a Nobel Literary Award winner.

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Kawazu Nanadaru hiking

April to June is the season of beautiful greenery.In this season, we highly recommend you explore the area around Kawazu Nanadaru(the Seven waterfalls). Why not enjoy a pleasant walk through the invigorating air?


Beautiful roses

In May and June, there will be lots of beautiful roses in Kawazu Bagatelle Park. There will be a shuttle bus service from Amagisou Hotel to Bagatelle Park too.


The Fireflies Festival

The Fireflies Festival will be held in June. Residents can take the hotel shuttle bus from Amagisou Hotel.


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